What Does It Mean To Be Active?

Many people seem to misunderstand what being physically active means. Generally, physically active refers to an activity that gets your body moving. This encompasses any kind of work you do, whether you are doing housework, walking, entering a fitness activity or simply mowing the lawn. As long as your body is physically doing something, that already counts as being physically active. This is especially true even if you are taking the hCG drops, proven to lower your weight.


But you might want to stretch your way out of your usual routine. Here are some important areas that you need to keep moving in order to truly maximize what it’s like to be physically active.



Activities in aerobics are designed in making the lungs and heart work harder and building endurance. It will get more oxygen into the muscles, thus allowing the muscles to work much longer. The activities that fall under this category include swimming, cycling, running and walking. To keep yourself healthy and maintain it, here is what experts suggest:

Go for a moderate aerobic exercise that should span for at least 2 and a half hours each week.

Go for a vigorous activity that lasts for an hour and 15 minutes each week.


You can do one of either or you can combine both. It is found to get active in several blocks, dividing the total hours into several segments of 10 minutes all throughout the day and the week. Make sure it works best for you. If you can’t seem to formulate the right way to do this, try doing a moderate exercise of 45 minutes each day. You can also do 10 minutes done three times each day, five times a week.


How Hard It Should Work

Moderate physical activity causes the lungs and heart to work more. Below is an easier way to know if you are not working hard enough in acquiring the health benefits from the moderate activity.

If you are having difficulty talking while doing your activity, you are exercising way too hard.

If you are able to sing while doing physical activity, you are not doing enough.

If you can’t sing but can talk while doing physical activity, it means you are doing fine.


Another method in seeing your level of exercise is to search for your target heart rate. You can find an online tool regarding this. You also get to learn how to measure your pulse rate as well.



Muscle Activity

Building upon stronger muscles is another significant aspect of the overall health of your body. When you have strong muscles, you will be able to lift heavy bags, pick up on your children without feeling any strain or even do ski runs downhill even before you get too tired and feeling that you need to stop.


Ways To Make Your Muscles Stronger:

Core strengthening – this will help build up the muscles right around your trunk and belly. This is what they refer as core stability. It will aid in giving your body better balance and posture. It will also help protect yourself against injury.

Resistance training – it will help build up muscles when you regularly do this, especially when the muscles are constantly working against something.



The purpose of this activity is to give your body more flexibility so that you get to move your muscles and joints in their full range. When your body becomes more flexible, you will find it much easier in reaching out to things that are placed on high shelves. You also get to look under the bed or even tie up your shoes quite easily. You will also have a better sense of coordination and balance.